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Pre-Production is the broad term used for everything that takes place before the film/TV shoot. In it there are various elements of creating a film/TV production that need to be planned ahead of time, to have a winning and effective end product, many of which are not obvious at first glance. This process makes up 90% of the execution of the proposed plan.


Film and TV production to us is not rocket science, to understand the process of production is to a large extent the practical phase of executing the concept. The production environment for the client can be best understood by saying that, when given the green light, we the production company preps the shoot down to the minute detail.



Once the production has wrapped, the post production phase begins. Sometimes taking anything between a week to several months, depending on the size and project budget. The footage is then compiled and layed into sequences, sometime called the final cut.


The process whereby the final product or final cut reaches the market place and is made available to your target audience / market. There are several platforms where distribution is possible, depending on your requirements and strategy thereof.


01 Pre-Production


02 Production


03 Post-Production


04 Distribution